Relese note for
sphinx-revealjs v2.8.0

Demo of sphinx-revealjs.ext.footnotes.

(PyConn APAC 2023 Sprint)



  • This presentation is English.

  • But, talk is Japanese.

Who am I

Kazuya Takei

  • Sphinx-extension developer

  • Author of sphinx-revealjs

  • Evangelist of Sphinx presentation

Overview of sphinx-revealjs

sphinx-revealjs is Sphinx-extension to generate HTML presentation from Sphinx document.

  • You can use syntax of reStructuredText.

  • You can use other Sphinx extensions.

  • You can generate documentation and presentation from same Sphinx project (also).

Thank you for users!

Overview of sphinx-revealjs

Source of this presentation (first section)

Relese note for |br| sphinx-revealjs v2.8.0

.. |br| raw:: html


Demo of ``sphinx-revealjs.ext.footnotes``.

(PyConn APAC 2023 Sprint)

Overview of sphinx-revealjs

More info:

Released sphinx-revealjs v2.8.0

🎉 🎉 🎉


  • Supporting Python 3.12 (passed tests)

  • Use MyPy

  • Custom extension about layout of footnotes

Footnotes of Sphinx

reStructuredText is defined about footnote. [1]

Lorem ipsum [#f1]_ dolor sit amet ... [#f2]_

.. rubric:: Footnotes

.. [#f1] Text of the first footnote.
.. [#f2] Text of the second footnote.

Footnotes of sphinx-revealjs

v2.8.0 provides custom extension to layout footnotes into left-bottom of section. [2]

"""Your of sphinx project.

extensions = [
    # ↓ Append this!

Footnotes of sphinx-revealjs

By previous version ...


(You can build without sphinx_revealjs.ext.footnotes)

Footnotes of sphinx-revealjs

Reproduction stylesheet is

a.footnote-reference {
  font-size: 70%;
  vertical-align: top;

aside.footnote-list {
  position: fixed;
  bottom: 0;
  font-size: 50%;
  width: 100%;

aside.footnote > span {
  float: left;
aside.footnote p {
  text-align: left;
  padding-left: 2rem;

Next version

Reveal.js v5.0.0 is released

  • Released at 2023/10/27 (NOW!!!)

  • I am reading docs for new features and breaking-changes.

Finish presentation. Thank you for reading!